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Services Offered

I have been a Professional / Full time Farrier since 1986, (almost 30 years) and I obtained a Diploma in Horseshoeing from the USA in 1997.

In 2000 I became Australia's 1st and only Brotherhood of Working Farrier Association (BWFA) (USA) Certified Farrier and in 2012 I became an Accredited Professional Farrier with the American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF). 
I am also a Equine Lameness Prevention Organisation (ELPO) Member and a member of the American Farriers Association (AFA).

My passion for Hoof Care drives me to continue to advance my knowledge and skills through the latest scientific research, Clinics and Vet/Farrier Symposiums  so that I can provide the highest quality of Hoof Care to our equine companions.

All work is performed using the 'Hoof Mapping', 'Trimming' and "Shoeing" techniques as described by the Equine Lameness Prevention Organization (ELPO)  www.e-hoofcare.com 

I am educated in the principals and techniques of Natural Balance Hoof Care
(as demonstrated by Internationally recognized Farrier, Clinician and wild horse hoof form and function pioneer, Gene Ovnicek) www.shopedss.com   www.hopeforsoundness.com

Natural Balance Hoof Care is the original Bare Foot Hoof Care  
Gene Ovnicek through his study of the wild horse has design a series of Hoof Mapping, Trimming and Shoeing Protocols that allow for the horses foot to be kept in as close to a "Natural" state as possible, even when shoes are needed. The problems of Balance, Movement, Lameness, Under-run and upright heels, Club Foot and Laminitis can all be successfully treated using the Protocols designed by Gene and the ELPO.

Natural balance Hoof Care is becoming more aware of the horse's foot by way of scientific research and observations of the natural foot.
Natural Balance Hoof Care is understand 
good foot function, what is healthy & normal, and what is distorted and abnormal and how to better understand the movement of the horse from a performance & soundness perspective. Natural Balance Hoof Care is a set of guidelines & principles to follow for hoof maintenance that will help overcome distorted feet, medial/lateral imbalance and soundness issues.

I have also been instructed in the 4 Point Trim by Veterinarian, Laminitis Specialist & Equine Podiatrist, Dr Ric Redden DVM    www.reddendvm.com 

as well as  "Normal
"/Standard Trimming and Shoeing techniques

I will often 'Hand Make' shoes, as this also allows me to immediately start correcting any hoof &/or limb deviations your horse might have.


Job Costs
The prices listed below are based on a quiet horse with reasonable feet.
behavior or any necessary Corrective work (long hooves, leg length disparity, hoof problems, movement or soundness issues, Laminitis) will result in the work taking longer and therefore a higher price.

Work Costs

Natural Balance Trim & Shoe 4 feet:- from $125.00

Natural Balance Trim 4 feet:-
           from $60.00

4 Point Trim 4 feet:-   from $65.00

Draft Horses and Draft crosses
Trimming:- from $80.00
  Shoeing:-   from $250.00 

Replace lost/pulled shoe:- from $11.00
  Replacement shoe:-   $5.00 - $7.00 (if needed)

      Shoe Costs     
(shoe are sold to you at cost price. That cost may change without notice if the Supplier increases the cost)  

Centre Fit Shoes $12.75 a pair  

Natural Balance Shoes $12.75 a pair                   

Full Rim fronts
Size (0-6) $9.00 a pair

Full Rim fronts Size (7-9) $11.00 a pair

Full Rim hinds
Size (3-6)        $9.00 a pair           

Full Rim hinds Size (7-9)        $11.00 a pair          

St Croix Steel shoes $12.00 a pair  

Aluminium shoes          
from $18.00 a pair        

Hand Made shoes
  from $7.00 a shoe  Price is dependent on type of shoe
& modifications required  

Bonded Aluminum                                         $26.00 a pair         

Draft Horse Flat shoes
(hand made)               from $50.00 a set  

Draft Horse Beveled Show shoes 
(hand made) from $100.00 a set

Sliding Plates                                                 $18.00 a pair

Hoof Repair Material

Sole pack/Hoof wall restorer      $20.00 a section

Mixing Tips                               $3.00 each

Hoof Mesh                       $2.75/hoof

Apply sole pack                     $10.00/hoof

Apply wall restorer         $10.00/small hoof

Apply wall restorer         $15.00/large hoof

Tape(cloth/other)                     $5.00/foot

Vetwrap     $5.00/foot

Animal Lintex dressing         $5.50/foot

Apply Tape/vetwrap     $10.00/foot

Antiseptic Abscess Solution        $5.00/foot
Foam Founder Pads $15.00 each
Emergency Call out

Working hours(8.30am-5.00pm) $35.00 + traveling

After hours(5.00pm - 8.30pm)       $65.00 + traveling

Traveling               50c/km

Prices are subject to change without notice, due to increased fuel and material costs.

Current prices are set for fuel costing an average of $1.50/Ltr

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