Wesley Stewart Farrier Services


Booking Information

All work is rebooked upon completion.

Days are rebooked for an area, to maximize the amount of horses worked on and to minimize the amount of time spent driving throughout the day.

Unfortunately this means that a new customer may have to wait for a vacancy in your area.

It is helpful for customers to note that I do not work in the rain or on extremely windy days, for obvious reasons.
If you would not stand outside for 1/2 an hour in the poor weather, please do not expect me to spend all day in it.

For those that do have shelter, remember that others booked for that day may not.

If I have to postpone for any reason.
I will make every effort to re-schedule your horse for within 7 days, from the original date.

If I am injured, it may take me a little longer to get there. So I try to keep these to a minimum.

Please note that I do not work weekends.

Billing & Payment
Accounts are e-mailed to you, as an attached "PDF" document.

Payment may be made a number of ways:- by sending a cheque, via internet banking or by depositing cash or a cheque into my bank account.

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